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  • Anika Mittal Dhawan

‘Do it to beat it- The Covid-19’

A COVID-19 outbreak could last for a long time in the community, if not taken care of.

During this hour of need, practice social distancing but also make sure that you keep yourself and your surroundings clean and healthy. As countries & states have gone in complete lockdown to contain COVID19, people are staying at home. Having a clean space ensures an adequate mental and physical well-being. A healthy home reduces the spread of infection/allergies/germs and improves the internal efficiency. Likewise, Decluttering helps create healthier and smart life decisions. A home ought to be clean and healthy in all regards so as to clear out the stress that is caused by corona virus’ chaotic environment.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, Wellbeing is the most extreme need to prop up throughout everyday life. For a panic free ambience don't be carefree. Few ways a home-owner could keep surrounding healthy, sanitized and germ-free-

  1. If a surface is visibly dirty, clean it with cleanser and water first, then utilize a disinfectant.

  2. Wear dispensable gloves.

  3. Use a diluted household bleach solution, or an alcohol-based solution with at least 70% alcohol.

  4. Disinfect high-contact surfaces in your household consistently. (for example Tables, door handles, light switches, remotes, handles, work areas, toilets, sinks)

  5. Ensure all utensils and surfaces are cleaned regularly

  6. Virus can cling to surfaces that you carry with you like clothes & shoes. These should be washed regularly and especially if you have stepped outside.

  7. Increase ventilation by opening windows or modifying cooling

  8. Lastly, Wash your hands after each cleaning.

Psychologically and scientifically a healthy home is for a more advantageous way of lifestyle. To instil happiness and positivity in yourself, keep the space outwardly sorted out and arranged. The Body effectively partakes while cleaning and it also enhances the efficiency and lessens the distraction. Well ventilated and neat spaces invigorates sound sleep patterns. Some DIY ideas, which can help home-owners keep their environment and home healthy.

• Hand sanitizer A hand sanitizer comprises of a basic formula, and it's easy to make one at home if your neighbourhood pharmacy or retailer is coming up short. • De-cluttering and planning Re-arrange furniture to give your home a fresh look. Set up a nice cosy corner for work from home with lots of light and good energy. • Gardening A look at gardening through your own eyes and hands, that’s doubtlessly - pretty’s on the inside. At this time of anxiety, this can act as a real stress buster. • Creativity Play heartful activites to build innovative items and the idea of best out of waste comes into play. Kids are a boon to creativity and wholesome entertainment, let them explore their artist and shine bright and keep the surrounding light.


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Ritika kakkar
Ritika kakkar
Apr 27, 2023

Before diving into a skincare routine, the first step is to determine your skin type and use products accordingly.

Based on characteristics there are 5 types of healthy skin;

  • Normal skin – The skin which is balanced, neither dry nor oily

  • Dry skin – Tight, rough skin with dry patches

  • Oily skin – Acne-prone skin, appears to release oil, a bright appearance

  • Combination skin – Skin with characteristics of both oily and dry skin

  • Sensitive skin – unpleasant skin with or without redness

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