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Enhancing the post COVID environment | 'PlayPOD'

‘Play pod’ is a conception designed for kids to play outside while still being in a safe environment. As life with corona virus continues, kids are remaining at home and longing for the outdoor activities. To address the physical activities during the pandemic, play pods help place the safety and entertainment in one piece. 



External consultant to Archohm for Urban Design Re-development Proposal for the city of Kanpur, UP,India. Identifying and designing for key problem area that need urgent design intervention at an urban scale. Also identifies and proposes new opportunities for the city of Kanpur.

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‘Play pod’ is a conception designed during COVID 19 for kids to play outside while still being in a safe environment. To address the issue of physical activities for kids during the pandemic, play pods help place the safety and entertainment in one piece.  Individual pods are designed with different activities for kids to rope in with joyfulness. Designed to express ‘less is more’ functionality- easy movability, complete sanitization, modular entity, and multi-play handling creates an interesting and interactive play space. 

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Hillscape is a luxury resort development that sits in the majestic backdrop of the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Addressing the unique challenges due to the steep site and a high density programme, the masterplan is positioned and derived from the existing site contours, while maximising the sweeping views. Adopting a sustainable build strategy h a minimum/equal cut and fill approach has been adopted in order to achieve the desired density, while still keeping the sanctity of the site and its context.

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Associated with morphogenesis on research for Smart City Projects | Reports for individual projects giving an in-depth analysis about existing scenario, feasibility and design proposals.



A tribute to the front liners working hard to fight the COVID19 pandemic

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City Skyline

Urban Skylines

With the focus of wide spread infrastructure development the skyline of our cities is expected to remain in state of perpetual transformation with both the permanent and the temporary elements undergoing change.



External consultant to Archohm for development reports for four Iconic tourism sites in India. A comprehensive report for 4 tourism sites of international acclaim:

Red Fort

Taj Mahal

Fatehpur Sikri

Qutub Minar



External consultant to Archohm for Urban Design Development Proposal for Safai, UP,India. Safai is a village/Tesil in Etawah District of Uttar-Pradesh. The proposal outlines the current scenario and proposes opportunities to create a distinct identity for the village.



Chak-gangeria development is part of a larger metropolis of the city of Lucknow. The report aims to tie the entire development through a common form language, where each element is designed on the same underlying concept. The report outlines the urban guideline package for the development that included guidelines for circulation & services, streetscape & edge pattern, landscape & street furnishings, elevational treatment, signage, lighting & material palette.

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