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  • Anika Mittal Dhawan

Autobiography of a PENCIL....

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Who wonders what’s cooking in the cup? Everyone does. That’s how I’d like to enroll you into my journey of #shades and #textures with people around.

Starting with a kick of making friends jealous at the factory by being the most loved and for having the exotic name and of course the #architectural purpose. Why did I get all swanky? Because of the competition those days of being the best dusky in town, I had been selected out of all. I was overjoyed with the consideration. I took the first step of my life into the boxes filled with happiness to travel around and be a reason for someone’s satisfaction. After reaching the destination which was a stationery store in #Delhi, I was pondering about my own protection thereupon. It was hard to say bye-bye to my boxed friends; after all, we kept peace with all the road rage we faced. At this moment in time, I am getting all stocked to the forefront for a bright future. I saw people coming and going, honestly, I loved the inconvenience they caused to me and they happen to be #delhiarchitects. After a fortnight struggle of having purposeless catnaps, I hear a shrill conversation about my physical appearance being told to this rich momma's boy. It begins with my height, of course then body analysis in detail. I was a tall fleshy pencil, apparently blue in color with golden stripes. My integrity was unscathed until he carried me over to his place.

A rich pencil with a rich guy to a rich #architectshouse, does it seem ironic?

Life has taken a beautiful turn here; I’m always engaged with well off friends inside his room cabinet. Though the all-time interaction wasn’t worth the effort but better than setting apart. I used to keep grinning all day for the beauty I had, it was extraordinary when compared with other friends but sadly, everything comes to an end. Taking a step further to experience the smart utilization of my self. I had opened the lid of my life to experience the surrounding for a better #living. The itsy-bitsy exposure gave a hoot. An element called sharpener sharpens my skin because the use was more important than my exuberance. What do I even say, imagine the pain, imagine the unlighted #space, and imagine the cheeky sound? All of these throbs but still that’s how it goes. It’s a sense of achievement to be a part of his understanding through #architecturalwriting, #architecturalsketching and so forth these days. I like what I am used for and that too by an #architect and #interiordesigner. Without even my consent, I happen to be involved in people’s rage; they project me while #clientmeetings, toss me while #sketching, suck me for no reason etcetera. Even after getting pushed at this core, I hate to get erased. Oh, Just to let you know, the rich guy used to rub me off sportingly to hide his mistakes but that’s how an #architect works. One day spanning me around in his pencil box, I figured the sudden throw. I was being pushed out of his life due to his personal affairs.

Lying around for days at the same place, kept me happy at least. Life is like a circular ring, it never breaks but sometimes it does. I sacrificed for people, my life was at stake always but their existence was progressing and moving further. My expiry date is for a very short length but it depends on how humanity greets me. Let’s welcome everyone with respect and love and great #designing.

Author: Harshita Aggarwal

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