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Driven by the philosophy that any design solution-

city, building, space or product must be sculpted to conform and address all requirements from the specified to the unstated; mold approaches each project as a unique challenge.

We strive to consistently deliver high quality standards driven by strong design, rigorous processes and extensive collective dialogue. Our approach to every project is utilitarian while being modest with a key emphasis on the establishing an integral relationship of the Built with nature and context.

mold’s design philosophy is that all objects, from large cities, spaces to products can be sculpted and molded, as per the needs and requirements of the users. 

An integrated approach is adopted to achieve a blend of programmatic requirements/ideas together with traditional ideologies, craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. 


An integral relationship of the Built with nature and context.

User as a Focus

Working with the principle of the user being the most significant aspect of any design exercise, each project is a unique challenge, and hence, a result of an in-depth design process that involves the user.


Through our projects, we explore and innovate with traditional prototypes, blending them with contemporary techniques and technology to conceive pragmatic design that fits well within the multi-cultural design agenda, with sustainability at the roots.

Customised solutions

An in-depth design process coupled with structured involvement of the client and consultants results in optimized dynamic solutions. 

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Anika Mittal Dhawan

B.Arch | M.Sc Urban Design (London)
Member, Council of Architecture

Founder Director, mold design studio

Founding Partner, amalgam



1999 - 2004  Bachelors of Architecture

Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon


2005 - 2006 M.Sc Urban Design 

University College London, The Bartlett School

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Anika Mittal Dhawan is an Architect and an Urban Designer with over 15 years of experience across all facets of the design and construction industry in Indian and the UK. 


Leveraging her past experiences gained across a multitude of projects ranging from boutique residences to commercial complexes and hospitality to master planning projects; Anika is providing comprehensive solutions across all stages of design and construction through mold design studios. We, at mold design studio are also consulting for urban design projects in India.


Anika has also been a visiting faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She is a keen photographer, and her design and photographic work has been published in journals in India and abroad.

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