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  • Anika Mittal Dhawan

Colors: Influencing spaces aesthetically

Colour is one of the youngest yet oldest architectural design element - colourless architecture doesn’t exist. Quite a people say that the choice of colour is merely a matter of taste, which means that everybody is equally qualified to express and practice their views on colour. But colour in architecture has to meet many different demands, that's why mold design studio takes special consideration of human experience as well as economic and practical issues while doing architectural and interior designing. “Colour depends on context, space , quality , density , intensity , quantity, combination and light”. So what's a lot of colour? A small, intense spot in a room can be perceived as a lot of colour. Colour scheme should be based upon the certain concept and concept is hinged upon the nature of space. So, concept changes for formal space or informal space; whether you want to have fresh effect or aged effect; whether you want to have organized discipline or controlled chaos. Office interiors, residential interiors, commericial interiors or planning- colors are carved out differently as per the content and space.

Cool Blue

This stunning blue kitchen is a part of a project christened at The Architect,s Address, delhi. This contemporary culinary station is the classic blend of bright cabinets and a white backsplash. We love how the tone establishes a calming effect in this bright and airy space. Natural light floods in through the streamlined area that features a cross-ventilated space, minimal and functional storage options and a kitchen garden on the outside.

Sunshine yellow in a kid’s bedroom

What could be more cheery than waking up in a room soaked in sunshine?

The daughter’s bedroom is done up in muted colours and printed upholstery. The wooden flooring, yellow study table and bay window with sheer curtains all add to the creative element in the room.

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Ritika kakkar
Ritika kakkar
10 maj 2023

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