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  • Anika Mittal Dhawan

Exploring local materials

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Environmental changes revolve round a human clock; it’s a requisite element to give a thought to. Based on the resources availability, our lifestyle transforms. The ideology taken forward when designing at Mold design studio, depends upon the material of the building, hence making the direct contact with the building envelope.The local connectivity when interlinked with the construction materials, all the way gives a leg up to design more. Old technology/construction has always been through the maximum use of local materials.

To redefine the perception of space, form and function, learning the availability and use of local materials and merging down with three; mind-bends the honest beauty of the building. Depending upon the building design, materials build up an interrelationship between the forbearance of a structure as well as the technical and structural facets of the design of the built environment.It is possible to get amazing outputs by capitalizing on these very interrelationships.

For an architectural design practice, local materials provide a vocabulary, hence, giving the building envelope a native identity; helpful and competent to the surroundings. Materials can be moulded/maneuvered from traditional outlook to modern; different transitions are possible nowadays. Also, they need less shipping/handling, even economic and environmental expenses are low. ; affecting the design ecologically.

Mold design studio a multi-disciplinary design practice, designed the cottage which is sited at the peak of a hilly area, with a glorious view of the valley. The locally available stone renders the home with an earthly quality and aids in the merging of the built form with the landscape. Simplistic in Design and materiality, blends beautifully with its surroundings and context.

Author: Harshita Aggarwal

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