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LIGHT: A play within the interiors

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Light is used as an elemental source in interiors; hence, an impressionistic approach adds a new dimension to lighting design. For us @mold design studio, architectural lighting adds to creating an experience while assimilating it within the interiors. Inspiration comes from Tadao Ando’s ‘condensation and purification of the power of light’, that bridges the relationship between built space and light as non-materialistic. At mold, we are propagators of natural lighting as an integral part of the interior space; elements connect together when the right lighting is attained, to transform a space into a seamless mix of functionality and style. Natural lighting also amplifies creativity, health benefits and performance of the space to make it look larger and inviting.

Our beliefs and decisions stem from embracing light to strengthen the user ideals and preferences. Natural lighting for us,plays a major role in defining a space to grasp its elusive identity – able to be perceived and understood by the intense emotions of the users. The structuring of light effects is indicative of different aspects such as surface-related, syntax, layering, direction, geometry etc. A combination of daylight, functional and artificial lighting with dramatic artificial sources will enrich the ebullient character of a space.

In our experience, a design revolves round the light; it programmes the spatial configuration of a space. Also, it radically moves one to, achieving aesthetics while crafting a sensory experience.

Author: Harshita Aggarwal

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