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  • Anika Mittal Dhawan

The mold approach

If one thinks about it deeply, India’s rich architectural heritage teaches us all we need to know about planning and design. The vernacularism of a certain architectural type is inherently sustainable. Rather than rejecting the past as old, we should amalgamate it with the present to create a better future.

Realizing my dreams into my professional life, I went back to the day, when I was introduced to Kahn’s IIM Ahmedabad. My, slightly more trained eye could now see how he had blended modern architecture with Indian tradition- the use of local materials, large façade omissions as abstracted patterns, which are found within the Indian culture and of course, the form and morphology that is sensitive to climate.

All the exposure to everything that is rooted in Indian tradition has made my approach utilitarian, and helps in endowing an Indian take to the modern fever that has gripped the country. This knowledge, not only give us an insight into an architectural heritage, but also on how the same can be sculpted and molded to specific needs. This utilitarian approach helps to build an integral relationship of the building with its context in order to create pragmatic solutions.

As a resolve, I recognize the significance of context and the vast tradition, which needs to persist. Through mold, I am therefore, working towards adapting it to create global solutions. Architecture is a tool to express ourselves & our culture. It is also a reflection of the social, cultural, environmental conditions that unite with aesthetics and function. The will to innovate and create enhanced built environments through design, and ensuring that it is detailed to perfection is what drives us at mold. We work with the principle that the user is the most significant aspect of any design exercise. We understand the needs and requirements of our clients, their aspirations, to produce design-led solutions that are specifically personalized to individual needs.

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