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luxury resort development

Project | Hillscape

Location | Himachal Pradesh


Site Area | 4.5 acres

Built- up area | 1,20,000 sq.ft

Scope | Masterplanning + Architecture 

Typology | Hospitality

Status | On-going

Hillscape is a luxury resort development that sits in the majestic backdrop of the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Spread over 4.5 acres of the landscape on an overly steep site angling towards the valley, the development aims to bring together 30 villas and a communal block for common, public activities and some guest rooms.  The architectural style draws inspiration from the rich colonial past to create grandeur and luxurious experience. Owing to the weather in this area and the design vocabulary for the regional language in the hills, the villas are capped with sloping roofs.  The non- linear geometry of the villa placement augments the space visually and strengthens human interaction spatially. Each space within the development and the villas has been planned to capture the views. The villa heights have been restricted to two floors so the buildings can blend in with the surroundings. The villas are planned as per the brief with single room and suite typologies and large lavish bathrooms, to add to the experience. 

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