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addressing outdoor activities


Typology | Product

Status | Concept

‘Play pod’ is a conception designed for kids to play outside while still being in a safe environment. As life with coronavirus continues, kids are remaining at home and longing for outdoor activities. To address the physical activities during the pandemic, play pods help place the safety and entertainment in one piece.  Individual pods are designed with different activities for kids to rope in with joyfulness. Designed to express ‘less is more’ functionality- easy movability, complete sanitization, modular entity, and multi-play handling creates an interesting and interactive play space. 


Play pod is a modular unit where the framework itself holds an activity merging with others. The interactive play space has a hand sanitizer next to the entry and a mist sanitizer that disinfects the pod wholly. Different pods come with different floor options- a sandpit or rubberized tiles with games. 

How to Use

  1. At the entry, user presses the button, and the sprinkler above the frame disinfects the pod with a mist sanitizer spray. Sanitization should be done before and after every use. 

  2. Then, users sanitize their hands with the no-touch hand sanitizer next to the gate.

  3. After 3-4 minutes when spray settles and dries, the kid/kids can enter the pod without any concern.


Materiality has been structured through sustainability, and also, a greater sense of materials were derived keeping the contact of coronavirus on the surface. The boundary wall in the cardboard tube is molded along with the outer aluminum framework, incorporating the copper pipes for sanitization. All materials are lightweight and recyclable- environment friendly. Cardboard tubes are low cost, fire-resistant, and ones treated with sealer are extremely weatherproof. The virus on copper remains for 4hrs, aluminum for 4-8hrs and cardboard for 24hrs, creating a safer and better environment.

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