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Service apartments

contemporary interventions

Project | Villa Lapa

Location | Golflinks, New Delhi


Site Area | 375 Sq Yd

Built-up Area | 5000 Sq Ft

Scope | Architecture

Typology | Residential

Status | On-going

Located in the exclusive Lutyens’ area of Golf Links in the heart of New Delhi, the house is designed as a contemporary villa that adapts to the requirements of the traditional Indian family. Manifested as a house where architecture sits still within the landscape, the design is conceptualised around the site’s frontage with a community park.

Envisaged as a modern simplistic house with a focus on bringing in natural light, ventilation- while enabling privacy, the house design capitalizes on the views available. The house has a front lawn and wraps around a central landscaped courtyard, which is the key design feature. As one moves along, the passage along the courtyard is complete glazed to maximise the landscaped view of the courtyard, while keeping the inside and the outdoor seamless connected. 

The ground floor is designed as a three-bedroom unit with along with a drawing/dining area and a kitchen. The first floor is designed as a two-bedroom unit, also with similar functionalities. The second floor is designed as a one bedroom studio apartment along with a living space that is available for entertainment and recreation. The reduced programme of the first floor and further the second floor, help in creating an interesting massing through a series of terraces both for private use and outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

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