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Project | Umber Home

Location | Malcha Marg, New Delhi


Site Area | 375 Sq Yd

Built-up | 11475 Sq Ft

Scope | Architecture 

Typology | Residential

Status | Completed

Umber Home

perceptibility of spaces

Pre-meditated as an object in its entirety, the architecture, interior design, and decor, were all devised from scratch, cohesively, merging the inside to the outside seamlessly while endowing a unique identity. The concept was to articulate a residence for a multi-generational family that has a contemporary timeless architecture that is unified as a whole whilst retaining an individual character. The building crafts a coherent experience through a rhythmic language of the spaces, inside outside connection and textures and colors of outside spaces are carried within. The design boasts of fluid spaces, clean lines and natural color tones.

Open plan

The layout has been planned to create maximum openness so that the garden and built space become an extension of each other allowing activities to flow seamlessly from one edge to the other. 


The geometric facade emerges from the monolithic design with dynamic subtractions to capture natural light, facilitate ventilation, and enhance visual depth.



The ground floor layout creates maximum openness so that the garden and built space become an extension of each other allowing activities to flow seamlessly.  


The family lounge, a multi-functional, space opens up the first floor and can be modified to become the guest room when required, by a simple sliding folder and customizable furniture that opens up to a bed when needed.


Central open space unifies all the floors, while providing a relief that brings in natural light & an opportunity to create a sculptural element. The juxtaposition of the double height space with the open to sky cutout creates a play of volumes.


The house is dressed in shades of copper. Copper is a highly sustainable material- with about 80% recyclable value, durable, low in terms of maintenance requirements while providing diversity in color and texture. 


The rooms have full frontage that maximizes the views of the green foliage outdoors, while bringing in maximum sunlight

along with fantastic treetop views of the facing park.


The seamless monochromatic blend defining the approach towards the house, consequential of the building’s facade, flows

from outside to define the atmosphere of interior spaces. 

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