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Service apartments

contemporary interventions

Project | Service apartments

Location | Udyog vihar, Gurgaon


Site Area | 425 Sq Yd

Built-up Area | 6670 Sq Ft

Scope | Architecture

Typology | Residential

Status | Unbuilt

The project is a proposed as an expansion to an existing hotel in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. The architecture aims to construct new programmatic blocks, while integrating the existing features of the hotel like restaurant, banquet, etc with contemporary interventions with the predominant site restrictions.


The prime requirement of the client was to develop a service apartment with maximum no. of rooms within the permissible FAR. 


Since the area has no existing views the building’s design in introverted. All the terraces, balconies & views are created keeping the swimming pool view in mind, therefore creating our own internal views.

Areas of Focus

The key element will be the swimming pool which will be on the rear side of the plot. The stilt area is designed both for parking as well as partly used for outdoor decking for the pool.


The interior design of all spaces is to create a home away from home with simple designs keeping functionality and home style as the key.

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