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Green park office

minimalistic modern space

Project | Green park office

Location | Green park, New Delhi


Area | 360 Sq Ft

Scope | Interiors

Typology | Commercial

Status | Completed

The office is designed as a minimalistic modern space to fulfill the client brief within a very small and compact space. The space planned in a manner to ensure that maximum open space was created which crafted a large openness for the work environment. The project is designed to create a clean, straight-lined space that enables efficiency in space volume.


The area was divided into two spaces: one for the reception and the visitors and the other for a private office space with a meeting area. Designed to create maximum efficiency, the office has been planned with plenty of storage.


The interior material palette has been kept very formal and simple with use of a beige brown color vocabulary. 


Lighting was designed through coves and the spotlights to endow the place with depth and augment it with character. The open meeting table draws light from the window, thereby creating a well-lit work environment and discussion space.

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