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contrast between luxury and simplicity

Project | Focal 19

Location | Noida


Site Area | 128.5 Sq Yd

Built- up area | 2000 Sq Ft

Scope | Architecture + Interiors

Typology | Residential

Status | On-going

Focal 19

Contextual Design

Built within a congested locality of noida, focal 19 stands out for strategically planned exteriors and interiors. The client’s brief was to only keep structure and renovate the remnant to enhance the space functionality as per the increasing needs.


A 3BHK house, opens out to one side, spreads across two floors, integrating natural light and ventilation at all times inside the house. The form of the house procreates the geometrical flexibility through subtraction of windows for lighting and framing views to interior spaces. 

Open Planning

The public areas are planned on the ground floor and the private ones on the first floor. The rooms are laid around the central open to sky cutout, for light and ventilation.  Inclination towards open sitting, a large open yet enclosed balcony portion is furnished for evening family conversations.

Redefining Character

Facade beholds the combination of brick tile, concrete paint and wooden boundary for traditional yet modern framework. The interiors imbue modern expressions, redefining quality of life. The contrast between luxury and simplicity of materials and colors- perceives a new character and lifestyle. 




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