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Faridabad Factory

Reuse and Revamp

Project | Faridabad Factory

Location | Faridabad, Haryana


Area | 4950 Sq Ft

Scope | Interiors + Furniture 

Typology | Commercial

Status | Completed

The office space is an extension for a factory, which is in the same complex. The interiors are based on the notion of common space outlined to allow open breathing while at the same time accommodating all the functions. The furniture was also designed and named 'The Salvaged collection' which was conceived with the aim to recover and use the copious amounts of industry packaging material that gets wasted. This was enabled by retrieving the recycled wood available on site to craft innovative commercial use furniture for the same office where the machines were getting installed. The spatial experience retains the material character, color, and texture.


The simple and clean linear form upgrades the visual connectivity and instills the privacy of each space depending upon it's function. Recognizing private and public spaces of lesser or greater size, inflating the plan; creating a nice fluidity and flexibility within.

Natural light

With large window panes, the spaces capture the maximum light and ventilation- bright and lit, making it a comfortable work environment.


In the current domain of sustainability and recycling values being a part of all industries, the intent was to reuse the packaging material used for container packaging for large machine shipments in making furniture.


Each furniture piece in the collection retains the original grains, knots, and color of the reclaimed wood to maintain the integrity of the material, and is inherently sustainable. The furniture is arranged to make a dialogue within the interiors through a blue and reclaimed wooden tone.

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