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Beeline- way

a couple's pad 

Project | Beeline-way

Location | 33, Noida


Site Area | 225 Sq Yd

Scope | Architecture 

Typology | Residential

Status | Completed

The residence is a conception to adjunct the old with the new, which was built in the late 80s. The clients (a young couple)brief centered around the creation of a personalized space, a pad for themselves with a nice sit out space, while the family stays on the lower floors. Beeline-way is conceived as responsible architecture; molding design to deliver the personal language of a client.

Open plan

The functions are separate yet transparent, making the space larger and brighter, ergo exciting the flow of lifestyle. Keeping the floor height high, space is perceived to be more open and definitive.

Natural light

The array of spaces hence emerge from a simple blocking of volumes that incorporate subtraction, in order to inflate natural light and ventilation while entailing visual depth.


The room opens up to a large balcony facing the park, with a great green view, bringing nature indoors, further intensifying the feeling of exclusivity.


The bedroom is marked by a corner bay window, with a stepped-up low seating area that creates a cosy intimate corner with plenty of light; for relaxation, reading or an easy drink at the end of the day.

IMAGE 1.jpg
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