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Barefaced office

work and natural light- a combination

Project | Barefaced Office

Location | Noida


Site Area | 1200 sq.ft

Scope | Interiors 

Typology | Commercial

Status | Completed

‘Covered yet uncovered’, this office interior captures an identity of it’s own. Barefaced office is a modern blend to existing environment suiting the needs of the client. Space encompasses- reception area, multi-conference spaces, open plan seating for the staff, shared cabins for senior employees, directors’ cabin, pantry; a strategical planning for flexibility and visual connectivity is followed. The thorough use of white color enlightens and encourages the space to be welcoming and composed for employees, also opening the creativity focus.

Open plan

The layout offers clean uninterrupted lines and organised spaces to ensure that the space looks larger and brighter. An open strategical planning for flexibility and visual connectivity is followed.

Natural light

The office has an airy and light-filled atmosphere because of the large window panes on the outer surface- making the most with outdoor connectivity.


To withhold the corporate brand personality, the physical impact of VRV system, visual effect at different angles due to glass partitions, composition of LED lighting system opens up for friendly user experience.


The abstraction and addition while planning speaks about the volumetric eloquence. The strong fluid character binds the buildings built and unbuilt, respecting the spatial context. 

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