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Georgian Haven

Timeless Elegance, Modern Comforts: A Georgian-inspired Haven

Project | Georgian Haven

Location | Almora, Uttarakhand


Site Area | -

Built- up area | 5000 Sq Ft

Scope | Architecture + Interiors

Typology | Residential

Status | On-going

Façade design for a 9000 ssq.ft villa on a 1000sq.yard plot. The concept of the façade design was planned around a simple clean modern aesthetic. The design creates warmth in the façade with wooden highlights and varied shades of grey with the use of Indian stone cladding. The façade design was planned after the house layout so the challenge was to create an interesting façade composition within the constraints of the layout plan. Another challenge was to break the length of the façade and the boundary wall in one of the directions. The same was achieve through play of materials, volume, levels and lighting. The entry has been designed with feature louvered portal with a grand scale. Façade lighting has also been designed to highlight the composition of the building.

External development, boundary wall and gate have all be design with the same materials as the façade to create harmony of design. The driveway with the rustic concentric circles with Indian stone helps great the monotony. The boundary wall is highlighted with lighting and the entire scheme is integrated with landscape. Since there is a lot of open space, there are a lot of different strategies designed for landscape the varied spaces through different seasons.  

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