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round table
reception table
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The Salvaged Collection- Reclaiming Packaging


The Salvaged collection is conceived with the aim to recover and use the copious amounts of industry packaging material that gets wasted. In the current domain of sustainability and recycling values being a part of all industries, the intent was to reuse the packaging material used for container packaging for large machine shipments. This was enabled by retrieving the recycled wood available on site to craft innovative commercial use furniture for the same office interior where the machines were getting installed. As a result, each piece in the collection retains the original grains, knots and colour of the reclaimed wood to maintain the integrity of the material, and is inherently sustainable.



Type of furniture pieces –

  • Conference table  - 13’ x 5’2”

  • Round meeting table – 3’7” dia

  • Work Desks – 2-3 types

  • Reception table

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